About the project

The aim of the project/grant was to evaluate the impact of the introduction of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (hereinafter CBAM) in selected industries on the market in the Czech Republic and to identify the strong sides of the Commission Proposal with the highest impact on the climate change, which might be on the top agenda during the Czech Presidency of the European Union (EU).

Grant Number: G-2103-61762.
Grant Period: (01/05/21 – 30/04/22)
Grant Agency: European Climate Foundation


Team members

  • prof. Ing. Danuše Nerudová, Ph.D.
  • Assoc. Prof. Veronika Solilová, Ph.D.
  • Marian Dobranschi, Ph.D.
  • Bc. Ing. Marek Litzman, Ph.D.

Project results

Workshop, Praha, EurAktiv.cz – CBAM and its effects on the Czech Republic, at 8. 4. 2022


Summary report