Traineeship: Finabel, Brussels (Belgium)

3. 6. 2022
Traineeship in Research Team, Legal Team, Communications Unit, Editor or Events Coordinator

Our Organization is regularly looking for new trainees and we would like to inform you that we are currently also adapting with the COVID-19 situation, following the rules in our Office and giving the possibility to do the internship remotely whenever it is possible. Our Organisation would like to begin a partnership with your University in order to give your students new internship opportunities within an international context. In case we have not previously signed one, we would like to remind you that we have no deadlines for applications, therefore students are welcome to apply at any time. The internship is UNPAID unless the student applies to an Erasmus Placement Scholarship through the University.
We are interested in the following fields: POLITICAL SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, EUROPEAN STUDIES, INFORMATIC/COMPUTER SCIENCE RELATED TO CYBERSECURITY, MARKETING & COMMUNICATION, SOCIAL SCIENCES, LAW, PHILOLOGY, or any other similar field. To cover for positions in the Permanent Secretariat for: Research Team, Legal Team, Communications Unit, Editor, Events Coordinator.
The student must have a good knowledge of English, preferably B2 or higher, and must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. The tasks will be assigned depending on the position applied. The internship should last at least two months and could last up to one year, but the duration, as well as the schedule, are very flexible. Students that are interested should send their candidature in our webpage:

  • To promote and to facilitate the interoperability of the armies
  • The harmonisation of concepts, doctrines and procedures
  • To work towards the development of a common European understanding of defence problems


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