Teaching offer for Ph.D. students

30. 11. 2022

Baltic International academy is searching for candidates for a limited-term teaching position in the bachelor program “ Financial management”. Successful candidates will be expected teach up to Financial accounting (9 ECTS); Financial analysis (4,5 ECTS); Financial Mangement (4,5 ECTS) ; Information Technologies (4,5 ECTS); Big Data Analysis (4,5 ECTS) during summer 2022/2023 and winter 2022/2023 academic sessions . These undergraduate courses are student-centered, case-based and developed and taught by the Baltic International academy. Applicants should have fluent written and oral communication skills in English. This vacancy could be suitable for the PHD students who needs educational practice.

If you are interested please contact the Director of the program, Zanna Cernostana fv@bsa.edu.lv

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