Doctoral study programmes at FBE MENDELU

Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel university has following doctoral study programmes.

Ekonomika a management

Economics and management

Automatizace řízení a informatika

Doctoral Study Principles

Doctoral study programmes represent the highest level in the hierarchy of university education, which can be reached by completing first the bachelor’s and then the master’s course. They are therefore open to graduates of relevant, or related, master’s degree programmes who are interested in and qualified for scientific work in a university environment or research-oriented institutions, or highly professional work in commercial companies. The standard duration of study in doctoral degree programmes at the Faculty of Business and Economics of MENDELU is three years, except for the study programme Control Automation and Informatics, where the standard duration of study is four years.

The aim of doctoral courses is primarily scientific preparation of the student supported by his/her professional training in a relatively narrowly specialised field. The content of the study is based on the curriculum and the supervisor defines the individual activities of the student. In the first years of the doctoral studies, the student takes professional examinations, defends the thesis and the elaboration of his/her dissertation, publicly

publishes the results of his/her scientific work and gains the necessary experience through the implementation of foreign activities and cooperation. In the last year, the student is mainly devoted to completing the dissertation, passing the state doctoral examination and defending the dissertation. After a successful defence, the graduate receives the academic title “Doctor”, abbreviated as Ph.D. after his/her name.

The study can be carried out in day or combined form. In the day form of study, the student regularly attends his/her home university. In addition to fulfilling the obligations arising from his/her study plan (participation in organised teaching and other organised events), he/she is usually also entrusted with teaching activities. Day students are awarded a monthly stipend during their studies. Within the framework of the combined form of study, the student is not obliged to attend the home university regularly, but he/she participates in organised teaching, consultation and other events related to the fulfilment of the study plan in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor.

Basic conditions for successful completion of doctoral study programmes

Below are the minimum requirements that must be met in doctoral study programs in order to apply for a dissertation defence. The fulfilment of requirements for research activities, internships and other study obligations listed here are evaluated not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. Fulfilment of all study obligations prescribed by the study plan is also necessary. Study obligations are fulfilled during the time of active studies.

Fees for doctoral studies

For studies in a doctoral study programme accredited in a foreign language, the student pays a fee at the Faculty of Business and Economics, the amount CZK 65 000 per academic year is set by university-wide regulation – Rector’s Order 13/2020. The specific amounts for doctoral studies are listed in Annex 1 of this regulation. The regulation is either published on the Official Board of Mendel University in Brno in the section Internal Regulations – Legal Regulations – 13/2020 – Study-related fees and fees for acts related to the habilitation procedure and the procedure for an appointment of full professorship, or it can be viewed here.

Dissertation thesis

During doctoral studies, the student prepares a dissertation thesis. Before submitting the application for the defence of the dissertation, the student must complete the internal defence of the dissertation and then incorporates the formulated suggestions and comments from the internal defence. After that, the student fills out the application form for a dissertation defence. One printed and signed hard copy of the form must be handed to the Study Office of the faculty. At the same time, the student uploads the electronic version of the dissertation to UIS, including all attachments.

If attachments are part of your work, it is necessary to combine these two files into one. The procedure is described in the file Template without attachments.

Dissertation thesis template

Application for a dissertation defence

Study plans of semestral doctoral study programmes

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