Faculty of Business and Economics

Faculty of Business and Economics is the oldest economics faculty in Moravia. The faculty was established on a government order on 1st September 1959. Nowadays FBE is one of the five faculties of the Mendel University in Brno.

Establishment of the Faculty of Business and Economics by government order.

The beggining of construction of the dormitories on Kohoutova street. The newly established field of Operation and Economics in Agricultural Production was taught at FBE for 32 years.

A new part of FBE became the IT center, later called the Institute of Computer Technology. A ZPA 600 automatic computer was installed the following year.

Faculty of Business and Economics built specialized classrooms and got a new technology. The dormitories of J. A. Komenského also expanded, especially block D.

November 1989 brought a lot of changes in the faculty management and also in the organisational structure of the school.

There was a change in the engineer studies, its duration changed from four to five years. Postgraduate study of doctoral study programs (Ph.D.) has been newly started.

The programme Economics and Management started to be taught.

At the Faculty of Business and Economics was newly established bachealor’s degree in Economic Informatics.

The university was renamed from Vysoká škola zemědělská to Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita v Brně (MZLU). In the same year was established master’s degree in Social economics field.

The specialization European studies was opened as a part of the programme Economics and Management.

The construction of the Q building began in 2002. Two year later, in 2004 it was completed and became the new headquarters of the FBE.

FBE received accreditation for new English study fields (Public Administration, Business Economics and Management, Economics of Agriculture and Food Industry or European Studies in Business and Economics).

Faculty of Business and Economics celebrated 50 years from its establishment. In the same year the university had the 90th anniversary of its founding. On that occasion, the first meeting of FBE graduates took place. Also the Student Union was founded, which began to associate active students with interests in events at the faculty.

Mendel university changed name after 15 years from MZLU (Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita) to MENDELU (Mendelova univerzita v Brně). The same year FBE organized first year of an event called Business day, which was attended by 40 representatives of companies which cooperated with FBE. The faculty also hosted the first Mendel forum. At the same time, FBE for the first time won the award for the best economic faculty in Moravia.

FBE defended the title of the best economic faculty in Moravia in 2011 an also in the following years 2012 and 2013.

FBE once again won the title of the best economic faculty in Moravia in the evaluation of Hospodářské noviny. At the same time, this year the faculty celebrated the 55th anniversary of its foundation.

FBE celebrates its 60th anniversary, Mendel University its centenary.