Informational e-mailBefore start of the teaching period informational e-mail is sent to incoming exchange students.
Informational meetingFor newly arrived incoming students for winter semester 2023/24:

12th September 2023 (10:00-11:00)
lecture room Q 03, ground floor, building Q

Before arrival, incoming exchange students should contact International Relations Office of Mendel University for all administration (including visa, accommodation, welcome week). More information here.

Waiting for visa? We ask exchange students to arrive within first two weeks of the semester. Later arrivals are possible only upon approval.

Upon arrival, each student receives access data to UIS. In case you lose it, it can be obtained at faculty International Relations Office (FBE IRO). Students are required to log on to UIS and check the courses they were enrolled to based on their Learning agreements!

Most courses consist of lecture (teaching) and a seminar (practice). During first classes teacher usually explains requirements of the course. For some courses, attendance or participation in projects is taken into account for final evaluation. Students are responsible to find out requirements of each course they are enrolled to. They have to choose suitable courses to avoid timetable conflicts.

In the UIS there is a section My studies → Student’s portal → Registration / Enrollment where you can maintain the courses you are enrolled to. Below the list of courses is a “List of Errors” with a green or red dot (“State”) next to the course name. Requirements for follow-ups/other errors  do not apply to exchange students. Students are able to maintain only the courses with green dots. For maintenance of courses with red dots please come to FBE IRO.


Every student can register up to 3 sports during his/her study cycle for free. Additional sport activities have to be paid. Information about sport activities at Mendel University for foreigners.

For communication in some courses, MS Teams are used. Microsoft Teams is a great service for communication and collaboration of users in teams of any kind. It’s part of Microsoft Office 365 suite. You can use desktop (preffered – download app) or web version (log-in). Each subject has its own team has at its disposal:

  • Saving documents
  • Team meeting
  • Planner (organizing work)
  • Notepad OneNote
  • Team store
  • Chat

How to log-in using a code?

Click Teams Teams button on the left side of the app, then click Join or create a team at the bottom of your teams list. Go to Join a team with a code (the second tile), paste the code in the Enter code box, and click Join.

If necessary, it is possible to change courses in LA. Courses are added/deleted in UIS and must be always approved by both FBE and home university.

Please contact FBE IRO if you want to make changes. Students can alter the courses in UIS by themselves only during first 2 weeks.

The deadline for submitting Changes is 29th September 2023 (adding courses) and 18th October 2023 (removing courses). Due to the limited capacity in some courses it is strongly recommended to make changes asap, within 1-2 weeks from the start of the semester.

  • Possible only during winter semester,
  • Submit application for extension with new LA (Changes to LA) to faculty IRO by 18th November at latest.

Before departure

Exam period

Only students enrolled for the course in the UIS are allowed to register for exams. The terms of exams are provided by the teacher.

Attention: At Faculty of Business and Economics, cheating on exams or plagiarism in writing is considered a serious violation of study rules. Such behavior will be reported to student’s home university and a disciplinary proceeding with student will commence at Faculty of Business and Economics. Read more about it in a handbook – How to avoid Plagiarism.


All leaving documents (Transcript of records, Confirmation of study period) are issued by MENDELU IRO (