Svatopluk Kapounek will lead the Faculty of Business and Economics as a dean from February

6. 2. 2023

Svatopluk Kapounek, who currently holds the position of vice-rector for creative activities, will become the new dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University in Brno. He was elected on 24th January by the academic senate of the faculty. On February 1, he replaced Pavel Žufan, who decided to resign at the beginning of December last year in connection with the inspection of the National Accreditation Bureau.

At the head of the faculty, the new dean wants to play an active role in correcting the current perception of the good name of the faculty and the university. He will focus on increasing the quality of teaching at all levels of study, strengthening strategic management and responsible financial management of the faculty. He wants to support its development also from a material and technical point of view. As a priority, he plans to complete the positive changes and corrective measures that have been initiated in the doctoral program Economics and Management, which was the focus of the inspection of the National Accreditation Bureau. “I am convinced that our faculty offers education, not degrees. The basis of postgraduate studies is the creative activity of doctoral students, which requires relatively high financial costs and high demands on the supervisors’ time. I will therefore support an individual approach in the selection of talented students and in the compilation of their individual study plans,” stated Kapounek in his theses.

“I congratulate Associate Professor Kapounek and above all I wish him plenty of energy and perseverance in his role as a dean. I firmly believe that, as the new dean, he will accelerate the positive changes that have begun and will help clean up the good name of the Faculty of Business and Economics in the foreseeable future. Of course, I offer on behalf of the management of the entire university, but I also expect close cooperation,” said university rector Jan Mareš.

Svatopluk Kapounek works at the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Business and Economics. In his research work, he mainly focuses on the field of corporate finance, banking, capital markets and financial econometrics. In the years 2018 – 2022, he served as vice president and president of the Czech Economic Society.

Over three thousand students are currently studying at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In more than sixty years of its operation, the faculty has graduated approximately twenty thousand students who find employment in the fields of economics, management, business, in the financial sector, public administration or as designers of information systems.

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