Press release on the decision of the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education

6. 2. 2023

Mendel University acknowledged today’s decision of the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education (NAB). Now, they have to wait for the record of the meeting to be written down, and above all for the official written justification of this decision. The NAB’s reasoning will undoubtedly enable the university to decide on the next steps and continue to develop the corrective measures initiated by the new management of the university.

“We continue to take steps aimed at eliminating errors and ambiguities in the course of securing studies in controlled study programs. New, significantly stricter standards have already been set in the requirements for supervisors, the requirements for students of doctoral study programs at FBE have been unified, the conditions for assigning dissertation topics have been tightened, and last but not least, cooperation with foreign agencies recommending paying students from abroad to study has been terminated. A new decree of the dean of FBE was issued, which adjusts and makes the records of studies more transparent and the fulfillment of study obligations in the examined study programs,” commented the Rector of the University, Jan Mareš, and added, “Nevertheless, we still have some steps ahead of us, and in particular, we all still have a huge task ahead of us. Restore the good deserved reputation and credit to the Faculty of Business and Economics. And that in the eyes of the citizens of this country, our colleagues, partners and especially our former, current and future students.”

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