Foreign colleagues explored our labs and enjoyed our beer

24. 7. 2023

In July, we had the pleasure of hosting 6 colleagues from Bar-Ilan University and Ben Gurion University in Israel, as part of the Erasmus+ credit mobility program. Additionally, a colleague from the University of Wroclaw’s foreign department also graced us with their presence. 

Our carefully planned week-long program for academics included a campus tour of Mendel University and the beautiful city of Brno. Among the highlights was the visit to our brewery, where everyone could savour the fresh semi-dark beer named Požehnaná 17°. 

Given the IT-focused backgrounds of our esteemed foreign colleagues, we arranged meetings with our colleagues at the Department of Informatics, along with an insightful interaction with Vice-Rector Pokluda. Together, they explored several of our specialized laboratories, including those dedicated to eyetracking, spatial hub, and railway control systems – all of which are valuable assets offered by our faculty. 

It was a delightful experience, with our guests getting to see both the innovative work being conducted in our labs and the rich cultural experiences we offer. 

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