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Participation conditions

  1. The length of the study period ranges from 1 (30 days) to 12 months (360 days).
  2. Internship in the country of residence is not possible.
  3. Internship in the country of the student’s origin has the lowest priority and is given the status of a zero grant student, i.e. is not entitled to receive financial aid.
  4. Student has to be enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral study programme.
  1. Student has to be chosen in an officially announced selection procedure.
  2. The content of the traineeship must be appropriate to the field of study and must be always arranged as full-time employment.
  3. Repeated students mobility: each student may participate in a study period and/or traineeship repeatedly in each study cycle up to the total length of 12 months.
  4. Work placements are set up by students THEMSELVES (check the offers in News).
Reports about the abroad placements

The selection procedure is announced via e-mail to all university students. Following documents must be delivered to the International Relations Office of FBE before the deadline:

  • Application form,
  • Letter of Acceptance (official confirmation from the company/institution about your traineeship).

Students are required to pass written language exam and interview. Students will receive e-mail with details from MENDELU IRO. If a student wishes to recognize a previously passed language examination, he/she must communicate this information to the faculty coordinator when submitting the application.

  1. Choice of the relevant traineeship (30 %),
  2. language knowledge (written and oral exam) (30 %),
  3. study results (average) (30 %),
  4. Buddy system (5 %),
  5. language certificate (5 %).

After submitting the application, students are informed about the date of the language exam, which is an essential part of the selection procedure at FBE. If a student has passed a language exam under the Erasmus + / Bilateral Agreement, the results can be recognized upon the request of the student (the exam cannot be older than 3 years). Upon completion of the selection procedure, students are informed of the results of the selection procedure. The selected student will receive a scholarship from MENDELU (15.000 CZK per month).

RECOGNITION – for every month (30 days) a student receives 4 ECTS.

  • After successful completion of the internship, the work placement can be recognised as a compulsory course within your study plan Practical Training (PRX – 6 ECTS for minimum 160 hours, PRX2 – 8 ECTS / 10 ECTS or minimum 216 hours). The rest of the ECTS will be recognised as an elective course (PRX3).
  • In case a student has already passed compulsory course Practical Training, the work placement will be recognised as an elective course (PRX3) with the full amount of ECTS.
  • FBE students can enrol to course International Experience (EXA-INEX) for 4 ECTS. A student has to enrol the course by himself and ask the supervisor for the topic of the written seminar.
  • Traineeship Agreement – fill in and submit an internship agreement to the faculty IRO (with an original student’s signature!). After vice dean’s confirmation, a student has to let it signed from the receiving institution and send a scanned copy (with three signatures) to the faculty coordinator. Based on this document the exchange mobility will be put into the UIS.
  • Euro account – add EUR bank account number to UIS (Study financing and scholarships / Bank accounts).
  • Travel proposal – apply through UIS. Specify the mobility as 69|jiná forma krátkodobého výjezduPraktická stáž. Based on this proposal will be arranged the travel insurance for the entire duration of the stay valid for one year (the student is obliged to have university insurance). After approval, print the document and pay in cash at Cashier desk (2nd floor in building A) – no card accepted.
  • Checklist – upload all required documents – Traineeship Agreement, Letter of Acceptance and proof of insurance payment into UIS application (Student Portal / My College abroad).
  • Grant Agreement – upon completion of all previous steps make an appointment at Rectorate (IRO) ( and arrange signature of Grant agreement at the latest 2 weeks prior to the planned departure.
  • Enrol yourself for the semester. In case you do not have other subject enrolled, you have to contact your study officer. ATTENTION! Make sure you fulfil the condition of 40 ECTS in two following semesters or 12 ECTS in 1st semester.

Changes to TA – in case there are changes to the originally approved Traineeship Agreement (in the content or the person of the coordinator), they must be approved in writing by the sending institution as

  • Traineeship Certificate – deliver to faculty IRO (ORIGINAL confirmed by the traineeship provider no earlier than a week before the termination) within 14 days of the end of the internship.
  • Final report – submit in UIS within 30 days.
  • Checklist – upload all required documents to UIS (Changes to Traineeship Agreement and Traineeship Certificate).

NOT fulfilling any of the conditions of Bilateral agreement Internship, the proportional part or all of the Grant must be refunded by the student.

Detailed information and forms at IRO MENDELU website


Ing. Kateřina Mlejnková
International Relations Office FBE
Office: Q1.92

Internships, Staff Mobilities, International Week
Ing. Kateřina Brzokoupilová
Rectorate – International Relations Office (IRO)
Office: A2.59
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