Winter semester 2021/22

6. 9. 2021
Will start with the face to face classes
Dear FBE students and staff, The situation regarding any future development of restrictions and measures due to the covid pandemic is still unclear. However, it is a proper time to establish some basic rules under which the Winter Semester of 2021/2022 will start and continue at the faculty until a possible action of our government. Until the situation will change, we all will follow these basic principles:
  1. All classes will take place on-site according to the courses’ schedule provided in UIS. The lectures, as well as seminars, and consultations for full-time and part-time students will take place on-site at the faculty premises.
  2. Students, as well as staff members, will be able to present vaccination certificate, covid-19 past infection certificate not older than 180 days, and/or negative PCR test (not older than 7 days) or negative antibody test (not older than 3 days) certificate when requested on-site. In the case, the student will not be able to comply with any of these requirements he or she will leave the class and the faculty premises immediately. Absence from the class or seminar in this case will not be excused.
  3. Students, as well as staff, will wear a face mask (at least FFP2 or KN 95 type) all the time while being inside the premises of the faculty. Face mask is not required if and only if the distance from the nearest person is larger than 1,5 m.
  4. Students, as well as staff, will regularly disinfect their hands at the stands arranged inside the faculty premises.
We hope that we all will follow, and respect given rules and that together we will be able to continue with on-site education at our faculty without any major harms. If we all will abide by them, we expect that the whole semester will run as we were used to in pre-pandemic times. Thank you in the name of our faculty and I believe that we all are looking forward to on-site classes after this long on-line period. doc. Ing. Pavel Žufan, Ph.D. Dean of FBE MENDELU

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