Summary of Minimum Requirements:

  1. Research Activities
    • At least two publications in a Scopus database indexed journal with at least one primary authorship (issued or typically documented with the allocated DOI) and two presentations of research results at conferences (documented by the conference programme, certificate, proceedings) before filing the application for dissertation thesis defence
  2. International Research Collaboration, Involvement in International Research Teams/Projects, Research Visits
    • At least a month´s internship at a foreign university or research site related to the dissertation thesis topic, or participation in an international research project with results published or presented abroad, or another form of the student´s direct participation in international collaboration, such as active involvement of foreign researchers in the student tuition in the position of dissertation thesis consultant, active participation of the students in seminar teaching and other activities of the foreign site (university, research institute), where this other form of collaboration must be documented by a written statement of the foreign researcher (Czech Republic and Slovakia are not considered outland)
  3. Other Study-Related Liabilities
    • Day students shall complete teaching preparation and shall participate in teaching, especially at practice lessons and seminars
    • Students of combined course shall deliver a lecture on a theme related to their dissertation thesis theme