Participation conditions

  • For second-year and third-year bachelor students,
  • for all master / PhD students,
  • length of stay: 3-12 months.

For detailed information on Erasmus+ check following website.

Students have to find out about visa requirements of the country they want to study in.

Study stays in the country of residence are not possible. Study stays in the country of the student’s origin have the lowest priority. Thus, such stays will not be approved by MENDELU.

  1. Choose a university, where you want to go (list of universities).
    Reports about abroad placements (here you can find reports of your fellow students from study stays abroad, mostly in the Czech language).
  2. Choose the courses you want to study abroad and fill in the Learning Agreement Proposal for each university.
    • Recommended number of credits is 30 ECTS. Minimum number of required credits is 18 ECTS and these courses must correspond with student’s study programme at FBE.
    • Students must not choose courses they have already passed at FBE. Language courses in Learning Agreement must be on higher level than is already achieved.
    • Only courses with corresponding syllabi might be recognized for FBE courses from your study plan. For other courses students will obtain only ECTS credits. Such courses will be recognized as Recognized International Mobility Course (EXA-UPxx).
    • Learning agreement proposal.
  1. Submit your application in UIS (Personal administration – My Studies – Student’ Portal. My study abroad – Submit exchange programme application – Select a period (20xx/20xx) – Select. Fill in preffered semester and school. Save the application. Print it and sign.
  2. Bring
    • signed application,
    • proposal for each university to faculty International Relations Office (Q 1.92, Irena Doubková).
  1. Students are required to pass written language exam and interview. Students will receive e-mail with details from MENDELU IRO.
  2. Assesment criteria for Selection procedure:
    • choice of relevant courses (30%),
    • language exam and interview (30%),
    • study Average (30%),
    • Buddy system (10%).
  3. The results will be announced in UIS.
  • Students are responsible for administration required by the partner university.
  • Compulsory informational meeting (organized by MENDELU IRO).

Letter of acceptance – provided by partner university, with dates of study stay. Submit to FBE IRO (based on Letter of Acceptance, the mobility is added to UIS).

Checklist in UIS – available after submitting Letter of Acceptance. Students have to upload all required documents.

Bank account – add EUR bank account number to UIS.

Online Learning agreement – fill in Online Learning Agreement. Once the OLA is signed by all 3 parties, upload to Checklist in UIS.

Recognition of courses is agreed in advance in the Learning agreement (Instructions). Only courses with corresponding syllabi might be recognized for relevant courses from your compulsory study plan at FBE. For other courses students will obtain only ECTS credits. Such courses will be recognized as UPZ: Recognised professional course from study stay or UP: Elective courses (Languages and other courses not directly corresponding with study programme). Please make sure you fully understand the course recognition. If you have any doubts, contact your study referent or faculty International Realtions office.

Travel proposal – apply in UIS. Pay the compulsory travel insurance at Cashier desk (building A) or online.

OLS – online language test, upload the result to checklist.

Grant agreement – upon completion of all previous steps, upload all required documents to Checklist in UIS. Contact MENDELU IRO ( to arrange signature of Grant agreement.

Confirmation of enrolment at FBE – students should enrol to following semester at FBE without courses. See study referent for assistance.

Changes to Learning Agreement – in exceptional cases (cancelled courses, timetable conflicts).

Extension of study stay – possible only in winter semester, apply to faculty IRO by 30th October.

Confirmation of Study period – submit original document to MENDELU IRO & upload to checklist within 7 days after the end of study stay. In case the Erasmus+ study stay was shorter than planned or the student has not obtained minimum of 18 ECTS or otherwise has not fullfilled the conditions of Erasmus+ study stay, proportional part of the Grant must be refunded by the student.

Transcript of records (TOR) – ask coordinator from receiving university to send your TOR by e-mail to faculty IRO.

Recognition of courses – upon submitting the TOR and Confirmation of Study, all the documents are checked for correctness. Recognized courses are added to UIS by faculty International relations officer.

Final report – submit in UIS within 30 days.

OLS test.

EU Survey – submit by e-mail

All documents have to be uploaded to Checklist in UIS.


Office: Q1.90
Exchange students, Mobility programmes
Office: X1.03a
Administration of students’ mobilities Erasmus+